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target back to school list

I can certainly help you create a back to school list that you can use for shopping at Target. Here's a general back to school list that includes items commonly available at Target:

  1. Backpacks
  2. Lunchboxes and water bottles
  3. Notebooks and loose-leaf paper
  4. Binders and folders
  5. Pens, pencils, and highlighters
  6. Markers and colored pencils
  7. Glue sticks and scissors
  8. Rulers and protractors
  9. Calculators (basic and scientific)
  10. Flash drives
  11. Index cards
  12. Planner or agenda
  13. Gym clothes and shoes
  14. Art supplies (paints, brushes, sketch pads)
  15. Locker accessories (shelves, magnets)
  16. Personal hygiene products
  17. Face masks and hand sanitizer (if required)
  18. School uniforms or clothing (if required)

Would you like me to create a new list with these items, or would you prefer to add them to an existing list?

This is a real response from O, your AI Household Assistant