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simple indoor workouts for kids

"To create a simple indoor workout calendar for kids, I can suggest a weekly schedule with a variety of activities that can be done indoors. Here's a basic structure:


  • Warm-up: Jumping jacks (5 minutes)
  • Circuit: Push-ups, sit-ups, and squats (10 minutes)
  • Cool down: Stretching (5 minutes)


  • Warm-up: Running in place (5 minutes)
  • Yoga/Pilates: Simple poses and stretches (15 minutes)
  • Cool down: Deep breathing (5 minutes)


  • Warm-up: High knees (5 minutes)
  • Dance party: Play their favorite songs and dance (15 minutes)
  • Cool down: Stretching (5 minutes)


  • Warm-up: Arm circles and leg swings (5 minutes)
  • Obstacle course: Create a fun course using furniture and pillows (15 minutes)
  • Cool down: Stretching (5 minutes)


  • Warm-up: Skipping rope (if space allows) or pretend rope jumping (5 minutes)
  • Balance and coordination: One-leg stands, hopscotch, or balance beam (15 minutes)
  • Cool down: Stretching (5 minutes)


  • Active play: Encourage activities like hide and seek, Simon says, or building a fort (20 minutes)
  • Family time: Go for a walk or play a sport together (time varies)

Would you like me to set reminders for these activities or create events in your calendar for each day?"

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