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teacher back to school to do list

Of course! Here's a back to school to-do list for a teacher:

  1. Set up and organize the classroom layout.
  2. Decorate the classroom with educational posters and personal touches.
  3. Create a welcoming bulletin board for the first day.
  4. Prepare lesson plans for the first week.
  5. Organize and label supplies and materials.
  6. Set up a system for tracking student attendance and grades.
  7. Plan icebreaker activities to get to know the students.
  8. Review the curriculum and standards for the upcoming year.
  9. Prepare a syllabus and classroom rules to share with students.
  10. Set up a communication plan with parents (newsletters, emails, etc.).
  11. Arrange books and reading materials in the classroom library.
  12. Create a schedule for classroom jobs and responsibilities.
  13. Prepare emergency lesson plans.
  14. Check technology and equipment (computers, projectors, etc.).
  15. Organize a teacher planner with important dates and deadlines.
  16. Review and update student IEPs and 504 plans as needed.
  17. Plan for any special events or projects in the first month.
  18. Coordinate with other teachers and staff for cross-curricular activities.
  19. Stock up on personal classroom supplies (sticky notes, pens, etc.).
  20. Set personal goals for professional development.

Would you like to create a new to-do list with these items, or would you prefer to add them to an existing list?

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